Choose Your Style of Photography

Outdoor Scenes

Family photography can be a lot of fun out and about in your favourite locations. This could be places like a garden, park, the countryside, woods or the grounds of a hotel or party venue.

We have photographed many events from family gatherings at home or in a hotel, to family time in a park, photos in the back garden or you can leave it to us to suggest a suitable location.

In Your Home

The convenience of your own home can be a relaxed place to capture you. We can photograph both inside and in your garden using the natural environment. This can be very succesfull at a family party, celebration or gathering.

Studio Photography

Studio Photography can lend itself to both contemporary styles, like the clean white backgrounds, or the old style traditional posed photos, all depending on your taste and choices.

Young Adults and Teens, Parties

Birthdays and celebrations can be made very special with the hire of our portable studio. We can set up in a suitable venue and take your photos, giving the feel of a fashion shoot to add great fun to any event you are planning. After the event you can share all the photos with guests online via our website. Guests can make their own selections and choose prints independently with the link you share.

Couples and Engagement Photos

With both our wedding and family photography we have a wealth of experience photographing couples and capturing the emotions and moments. Engagement photos and photos of you as a couple make for beautiful memories and portraits for your home. We capture your personality and closeness to create a selection of everlasting memories of these beautiful moments.

We can help you choose a suitable location and style that reflects you own personality.

This kind of photography can also make a great gift for a couple you know.

Special Occasions

Are you celebrating an anniversary or special family event. We have photographed many of these special occasions, providing beautiful memories of you family and closest friends. We can come to your home or event to capture your party. If you are having a meal out, we can meet up just before your meal to capture a family gathering with you all together looking your best.

We are very flexible with our service, so if you have any ideas, or want to discuss any event you are thinking about, we’d love to hear from you, please do give us a call.

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