Here are some samples of special occasions and family events. If you are having a family get together, say for a birthday party, anniversary or christening, this is a great opportunity for capturing photos of the family. You have already gathered everyone and the family photos can be a beautiful reminder of your time together. If you have a family celebration, have a look at some of these events for ideas.

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Diana Bevan Birthday Party

Here are the photos from Diana's 80th Birthday Party, at Weston All Saints Center.

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Hen and Stag Parties

Photograph your hen party or stag night.

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We can capture your party atmosphere with a hen party or stag party photo shoot.

We meet at your chosen location, normally at the beginning of your night out, and we will capture some fun group photos along with smaller friends and individual

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Kim Graduation Photos

Photos of Kim Graduation Photos

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Photos of Andrew and Delma and Family

Photos of Andrew and Delma and Family. Andrew and Delma had a fun relaxed photo shoot with their family on their wedding day. These are the informal photos we captured in their garden at home the morning of the wedding. You can see their wedding photos on our wedding photography site.

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Photos of Bonner Family Party

This was a photography shoot at Woolley Grange of the Bonner Family Party. We met the family at Woolley Grange for an hour before a special birthday lunch.

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Photos of Rachels 18th Birthday Party

Photos of Rachels 18th Birthday Party. Fashion style shoot, set up at Rachels evening party in the Forum, Bath.

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