What to Wear for your Photography Shoot

Philip Edwards Photography We’ve enjoyed photographing many families in the studio and out on location, and have put together some tips from our experience for you to consider when choosing your clothes.

Think about similar colour tones as a family, so for example you could all be in strong colours such as blues or reds or choose gentle colours like pastel colours. A popular combination is denim jeans with white tops. White tops against a white background can have a slimming effect. You could also lay out your chosen outfits on a bed prior to visiting to see how the colours all work together. The idea is to create a feeling of family togetherness with your choice of clothes for your photography shoot.

Try to avoid big obvious patterns or logos which can cause a ‘cluttered’ feel to a photo, unless, this is a strong part of your personality, in which case we could make it a feature. Bear in mind that logos and strong patterns like ‘Bob the Builder’ or ‘Nike’ may well date from a fashion point of view in years to come, classic clothes do not date so quickly in photographs as the latest fashion.

Simple outfits work particularly well in photos, unless you are choosing an outfit for a particular special occasion like a military uniform, graduation or sports club.

If you have chosen clothes that crease easily, please consider bringing them on a hanger and changing into them at the studio so they do not crease on your journey. You are also welcome to bring a change of outfits if you are not sure. Please note that folded or creased clothes, or clothes with fluff, dust or pet hairs can all show in the photos.

Philip Edwards Photography

Be careful with short skirts or dresses as you may be sitting down on the studio floor for some of the photos.

Short sleeves can draw attention to your arms, think if you want to draw attention to your arms if you are wearing short sleeves.

If you are outside and wear glasses that darken in the sun, then you will most likely end up with dark glasses in your photos. To avoid this, you can either bringing a spare pair of glasses, even without lenses, or simply remove your glasses for the photos.


Finally, for some fun, you could also consider bringing props if it is part of your personality. If you are all into sport or hobbies you could maybe bring some associated props, we can have some fun and try out some ideas. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

– Garden boots and pots for garden enthusiasts
– DIY tools
– Skate boarding kit
– Cycling gear
– Swimming googles
– Diving gear

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